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You may take advantage of special services and discounts of the KDZ offers.

You are supported in maintaining relations with the member communities and institutions and strengthening your network.

Your commitment ensures the economic sustainability of the competence Centre.


Discounts & special services

Special rates for the preparation of studies, expert opinions, exposés

Regular customer´s rates for all public seminars of the KDZ

Free advisory service: answering of short inquiries in the fields of municipal budgeting, financial and tax law, planning methods, organisation, public relations, IT

Free advice on the organisation of events, referral of speakers, referral of experts

Use the extensive and free access to various online tools

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KDZ members platform

The KDZ member platform contains KDZ-internal knowledge that is made available to the members of the KDZ - Centre for Public Administration Research. Our members can download and work with these documents free of charge.

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Members and customers of Bank Austria will find user-oriented and practical tools for analysing and planning community finances.


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KDZ library and documentation service

The knowledge centre of the KDZ sees itself as an information and documentation facility for the public administration in Austria and is open to all KDZ members. The focus of the collection is on well-founded municipal and administrative science documentation. We currently offer a stock of over 9,000 books and 20,000 selected journal articles from national and international journals.

In our digital knowledge centre, members of the KDZ can find all documents of the knowledge centre for download. Members can order documents that are not available online from us free of charge and will be sent by post.

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Forum Public Management

Forum Public Management is a specialist journal for the public sector. The contributions of the KDZ experts and external authors deal with current and future topics, trends and scientific approaches for politics and the public sector. Together with lively reports from communal practice and reviews of relevant specialist literature, the FPM offers its readers important support for innovative administrative action. The KDZ members receive a free copy of the latest publication.

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KDZ Publications

The KDZ series contains the publications of the KDZ. The KDZ members receive a free copy of the latest publication.

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In the case of municipalities and federal states, the annual membership fee for supporting members is based on the number of inhabitants and "financial strength"; for other legal entities, it is freely agreed, with the decision being made by the general assembly.

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Supporting members - cities and municipalities

Lower Austria
Upper Austria
Peter Biwald
Mag. Peter Biwald - Managing director
Knowledge is the basis of our success.
Thomas Prorok
Thomas Prorok - Deputy Managing Director
In the book "Transforming Public Administration with CAF" we bring together more than 30 international authors who describe their experience with CAF.
Bgm. Michael Ludwig - Stadt Wien
Mayor Michael Ludwig - at the conference "Towards European Integration with SDGs"
The Sustainable Development Goals are the way to go. And this way leads to European integration.


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Public Management Consulting

Our focus

  • Financial Management and VRV 2015
  • Organisational and Administrative Development
  • Control and Management Systems
  • Citizens and Customer Service
  • Strategy and Innovation Development
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European Governance and Urban Policy

Our focus

  • International Know How Exchange and Capacity Building
  • Urban Policy in Europe
  • CAF-Centre and Reform of Public Administration
  • Open Data
  • Knowledge Management and Networking