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projects implemented 2021

Financial Management and VRV 2015

Financial management (COVID-19 pandemic, conversion of accounting to VRV 2015(accrual accounting)) is a major challenge for the public sector.

We support you ...

  • in securing the budget balance in the long term by means of crisis checks, profitability and budget analyses and making consolidation opportunities visible.
  • in the comprehensive consolidation of your organization in order to regain financial flexibility.
  • in the implementation of accural accounting reform through advisory services (preparation of the opening balance sheet, estimate, closing of accounts, statement of income, expanditure and assets, optimization of accounting processes) and through training.
  • in the analysis of the profitability of individual services, areas of responsibility or entire organizations (expediency and profitability) - especially of municipal construction and maintainance companies.
  • in the calculation of fees and charges.
References (examples):
  • Childcare subsidy and tarif system, redesign of the transport service contract: Graz (City)
  • Accural accounting: Salzburg, St. Pölten, Ansfelden, Hallein (Cities)
  • Analysis of municipal construction and maintainance: Saalfelden (City)
  • Crisis check: Bregenz, Linz, Saalfelden
  • Technical support for the working group of the federal states on the budget accounting reform

Organisational and Administrative Development

We support you to adapt your organization to changed challenges, to make it efficient and fit for the future:

  • We plan and supervise your organizational and administrative development projects, carry out organizational analyses and develop functional and economic organizational principles (organisational manuals, organizational chart, business divisions, job descriptions).
  • We support you in optimizing your internal processes (e.g. digitalization projects) and in setting up and developing your project management (project management guidelines, multi-project management).
  • We accompany you on the way to new agile organizational solutions.
  • We analyse your organization and your administrative processes and support you with organizational adjustments/changes (e.g. re-appointments, determination of personnel requirements).
References (examples):
  • Organizational analysis and development: Feldkirch, Leonding, Fehring (Cities)
  • Organizational structure, leadership and project management: Vienna
  • Evaluation and development of the personnel requirement model: Vienna

Control and Management Systems

We support and accompany you in the goal- and result-oriented management and control of organizations

  • We design individual solution proposals for the management system and practical management work through seminars, workshops, management development programs or personal management coaching.
  • We support you in setting up and expanding your internal control system (ICS) or in setting up and expanding your management of affiliated companies (structures, tools and personal tools) and we accompany you through the implementation.
  • We support you in the renewal of your personnel management system, the development and expansion of quality and knowledge management (CAF, individual WIKI solutions).
References (examples):
  • Controlling of affiliated companies: Graz (City)
  • Internal control system: Wels (City)
  • Executive development, personnel management: Dornbirn, Lustenau, Traun (Cities)
  • Project management guidelines: Waidhofen / Ybbs (Cities)
  • Networks of apprentice trainers and HR managers

Citizens and Customer service

A professional service is a central requirement for satisfied citizens / customers and a positive image of every organization.

  • We support you in the design and evaluation of your citizen service point and in the further development of your service offer.
  • We accompany you in the development of common service standards and service charters and help to make these standards visible / tangible through individual service training.
  • We support the establishment of special quality management systems based on the CAF.
  • We support you in the introduction of a knowledge management system.
References (examples):
  • Citizen service and service standards: Dornbirn, Neusiedl / See, Weiz (Cities)
  • Citizen Service Wiki: Landsberg / Lech (Cities)
  • Support by citizen service network

Strategy and Innovation Development

Actively shaping the future requires solid strategy concepts, balanced decision-making bases and innovative solutions.

  • In order to secure important decisions, we create specialized analyses and studies (e.g. feasibility studies or cost-benefit analyses).
  • We accompany and moderate strategy and vision meetings for your organization and managers (e.g. to prepare for community cooperation).
  • We help to improve the innovation competence of your administration (e.g. development of your own digitization strategy).
References (examples):
  • Feasibility study for a joint building authority: Regio Vorderland
  • Feasibility study Merging Region Voitsberg
  • Feasibility study statutory city: Klosterneuburg
  • Preparation / implementation of inter-municipal cooperation: Marchfeld, Eferding, Aschachtal
  • Digitisation strategy: Leoben

References from the last 5 years (german)

Kelmend Zajazi
Kelmend Zajazi | Executive Director of NALAS
The long-term cooperation with KDZ means a lot to us at NALAS. In KDZ we found a peer that fully understands who we are.
Isabelle Verschuren | Federal Public Service Policy and Support (BOSA), CAF correspondent of Belgium
In the last years Belgium has planned and organised many different CAF activities (e.g. CAF training, Certification of CAF label) together with KDZ.
Josep Medrano | Director of Strategic Planning and Taxation, City of Barcelona
For the City of Barcelona, the collaboration with KDZ through the European "Cities for Sustainable Public Finances (CSPF)" has reached a qualitative advance.


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  • Citizens and Customer Service
  • Strategy and Innovation Development
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